Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts


New Custom Feature! The “720 Mod”. A deeper neck pocket option on bodies! Click Here!

New Custom Feature! Black Dyed Routs for finished Showcase Bodies! Click Here!

Body Style Name Change: Hollow Strat® & Hollow Tele® bodies are now referred to as “Chambered” Strat® & Chambered Tele® bodies. We figured this title was more in line with the actual feature and differentiates it better from the Thinline style hollowed bodies.

Chambered (formally “Hollow”) Tele Feature Change: Tummy Cut and Forearm Contours are no longer “standard” features of this body style. These comfort contours are now an option you must ask for and typical custom contour charges apply.

New Deluxe 5 Slab ’72 Body! New Cool 5-String Bass Body with a Retro Vibe! Click Here!

New 4 String ’72 Pbass® Body Page! The ’72 4-String now has its own webpage! Click Here!

Bulk sales of Gold Fretwire is Back! We have acquired more of the popular Gold Fretwire so that we can resume selling it in “neck’s worth” quantities as a seperate supply part! Click Here!

Vintage Modern Paddle Head Now Available! Now you can get a more vintage style neck construction with a paddle shape head for your own creations! Click Here!

A published list of more guitar bridge routs we can do by hand! Click Here!

Check out the new “Split” Jazzmaster® Guitar Body! Click Here!

Spec a neck to be built for you online! The options you can choose are currently limited, but we’ll be adding more and more to it over time! Click Here!

Body & Neck Price Changes. You may notice that some of our prices have changed. We are pretty slow to make changes to our pricing structure even though costs for labor and materials are constantly on the rise. Though most of the pricing increases are very modest, Carved Top bodies for example use a lot of material and require much more labor to produce, so you will see the biggest increases there. That said, you will always find great discounts in our Screaming Deals section of our website even for Carved Top Bodies!