Terrapin Guitars


Terrapin Guitars has a huge selection of pickguards with something for just about anyone who has a guitar with a pickguard. A pickguard
can be made from your original, a tracing or full scale drawing of a pick guard shape you want. Terrapin Guitars manufactures replacement
pickguards for many popular guitar models.The stock Terrapin Guitars image patterns or materials from the materials list are available for
any of the pickguard styles offered. Choose from any number of designs from the image galleries or provide your own artwork for a totally
unique, one of a kind, pickguard. Left-handed pick guards are available at no extra charge. Alternate pickup configuration options are available.

Custom Pick Guards for Guitars and Basses

We offer a wide range of common pick guards which you can configure in just about any way you want.

In addition to our stock templates we can make you a custom pick guard based off
of your original design or remake your broken or cracked pick guard.

If you do not see the pick guard you are looking for anywhere on this website then I will need an original or a tracing to duplicate.
It is possible that you may be able to use and existing pick guard for your project. You can request a PDF ouline or laser cut Mock Up to help you check fit or get your own outline or mock up dialed in to the point where I can help.