Pederson Guitars


My name is Kevin L. Pederson, and I create each precision hand crafted guitar that comes out of Pederson Custom Guitars (formerly Abyss Guitar Company). From custom electric guitars, custom archtop guitars, custom semi hollowbody guitars to high end acoustic investment guitars, they are all custom and hand made with great care and excellent quality.

The advantage of handcrafted work is in the details. We at Pederson Custom Guitars are proud to introduce the Drea Armani, a new custom archtop suitable for jazz / rock. This guitar features a 15″ body with a player-focused design.

We also are offering new headstock for 2008 and continue to enhance our custom offerings that distinguish our guitars. We can create custom inlay designs and build handcrafted pickup covers. Whether you are in the market for a hand-made boutique guitar or just a great Standard Electric, we have the options for you to choose the instrument that best suits your playing needs.

Identity is what it is all about and you will need an unique guitar to stand out, something that sets you apart and makes you feel special to play. We offer you some incredible guitars with the vibe that marks a great artist. So set yourself apart from the rest and be part of the Pederson Custom Guitars legacy.