Jaros Guitars


Guitars & Golf Clubs – The Pros Choose Great Design
You just don’t see many golf pros (or amateurs for that matter) playing small, wooden head clubs or blade irons weighted in the middle of the club head. Ping and Calloway in particular, revolutionized the design of golf clubs with perimeter weighting and new, larger metal alloy heads. Then, of course there’s customization by head weight, shaft flex and type, and grip. Top golfers use the best design available – in clubs and balls – so they can play their best. It’s that simple.

It’s the same with serious electric guitar players. They prefer to play a guitar that helps them perform their best, and optimum performance is the result of superior design. Sure they may have an old favorite or two they just won’t ever part with and will always play.. But with electric guitars design makes a big difference.

Jaros has taken Electric Guitar Design up a Big Notch
Fundamental to our custom electric guitars is Jim Jaros’ original design. Jaros guitars are built with Jim’s unique 3/4 tenon, neck-through-body design, where the neck extends deep into the body of the guitar—instead of being bolted onto the body.

Why doesn’t every guitar company design & build their guitars this way? Well, it’s really expensive to do. At Jaros, though, that is not a primary concern. Quality is. As a result, A Jaros electric guitar is unusually solid, sturdy & durable yet lightweight. And besides sounding great — it just feels good when you pick it up & start playing.