Custom Electric Guitar Manufacturers

electricguitarblankWe are working hard here at to provide you with an excellent resource for custom electric guitars from the best manufacturers and luthiers in the business. Without a doubt you will find what you are seeking or wanting to have made. If you don’t see your favorite manufacturer or luthier here, please write us and let us know who you want to see and provide a link if possible. Choosing a custom electric guitar is a very personal choice. There are so many great combinations of select woods available for bodies and necks that you may want to also spend a little time doing some researchon the best choices for good tone quality as well as durability. From the frets to the electronic hardware there can also be a lot of choices that also depend on personal music styles and tastes.

Whatever kind of custom electric guitar you might be looking for, we are pleased to be able to offer you
some of the best choices available for quality, craftsmanship, fit and finish, and of course….playability!