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Hello and welcome! I am so pleased you’ve stopped by my studio. I hope you enjoy my guitar straps!

I began making custom hand made guitar straps in 1998 when my then-14-year-old son asked me to decorate his first Ernie Ball strap. Over the years I have learned how to tailor my needlework to my patrons’ musical styles and artistic tastes.

I have learned from musicians that wider straps are more comfortable and a slick fabric liner lets the guitar move without bunching up shirts. So, all my straps are 3 inches wide and all are lined on the back with rich, substantial satin or other slick fabric. I’ve also learned that the optimum length for a guitar strap to accommodate all kinds of guitar body configurations and construction is 6 feet, so all my straps adjust to 6 feet in length.

I never use a sewing machine. All the stitching and assembly are done by hand, right down to the leather button tabs. I use only top quality leather for my tabs, usually but not always suede, and assemble them using professional strength tanner’s glue and a heavy waxed thread designed specifically for sewing leather. There is nothing more important to me than that my straps are unique, durable, and affordable.

I have made straps for big-name artists, not-so-big-name artists, and brand new, just-starting-out artists. All of you are special to me. I respect the courage it takes to put yourself out there and hope people like what they hear. My small contribution is to enhance your stage presence and confidence.

If you are on Myspace, I would be delighted if you sent me a friend request at Please also take a moment to visit my blog by clicking the Artisan Blog tab above where I tell you exactly, from beginning to end, how your strap is made and just discuss music-related topics and life in general. If you need to contact me, my email is and my studio phone number is 813-949-9269. Thanks! Terri

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